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Colour Choices

Colour Choices

Here is our current range of main colours – large photograph swatches are further down the page – please scroll (and click to enlarge them!

We also offer some extra custom order speciality vinyl colours/effects. You can view these below. They start at colour number 22 through to 28.

If you are interested in one of these custom effects/colours please contact us for a quote as they will add an extra cost to the decal. As a guide these add between £15 and £25 to an order on a SWB T4/T5/T6 depending on the effect/colour. Carbon fibre would add around £40 – it is the most expensive.

All of our vinyl is of course top quality, just select the your chosen colour from the dropdown menu when shopping and add to cart.


Can't make your mind up?

We completley understand that it can be tricky to decide on the right colour or between designs. To try and help our happy camper customers we offer a little but of help to point you in the right direction.

If you are stuck you can send an image of your vehicle (square-on side view please) along with the designs and or colours you would like to see (maximum 3) and we will superimpose them onto your van and send them back to your email.

Send images to

(Please do not send us full resolution images from digital cameras. Please send from smart phones and tablets. When sending you will be given an option to send as small, medium of high, please as near to 1mb as possible. Thanks!)

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