Not sure? - we can superimpose and customise! ;-)

Not sure? - we can superimpose and customise! ;-)


We, like a lot of people do not want to be harassed with endless newsletters and updates from a website. It makes us crazy. There are times when we may genuinely want to contact you about something which we think is of genuine interest. In last 3 years we have only done this once from our website.

We have the upmost respect for privacy of your data and take data protection seriously. In line with this and recent legislation we have recently updated our Privacy Notice to explain how we collect, store and handle your personal data and to give you a very clear way of deleting it from our machines if you wish to do so.

The 2 days we keep in touch with people are rare newsletters and Facebook posts.

We only use Google Analytics to understand where our traffic is coming from. We do not use remarking or any other irritating marketing ploy.

We also never, ever process payments on our website. This is all handled by Paypal. Only your address and name is transmitted to Paypal and that is encrypted.

Thanks for reading!

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